Our Mission

Adab means knowing and recognising all things that are good. It is to exercise self discipline in enacting one’s role in accordance with that recognition and acknowledgement.

Loss of adab implies loss of justice. In a society like ours, the confusion in knowledge of history and tradition creates the condition which enables false leaders to emerge and to thrive causing the condition of injustice. 

Few aspects of life around children captivate their attention like picture books and graphic illustrations do. Scientific studies have identified the sensitivity in children towards pictures as a sense developed even before the child develops the ability to speak.The varying styles of artwork in the books broaden their visual experiences. 

Over time, it increases their visual decoding skills, increasing their creativity, and ability to appreciate design and illustration.Beyond creativity, the presence of such books in their lives also help shape the personality, knowledge and worldview of the child. The values and ethics depicted by the characters in the stories have a deep impact not just in the individual lives as they grow up, but also in the society that they form as grown-ups. 

The Missing Gap

There’s a plethora of material available today to cater to these necessities of parenting. The British Council notes that in the U.K. alone, thousands of children’s picture books are published each year. 

Yet, the presence of such books in the world of Islamic publishing is still at a very nascent stage. There have been various efforts from various parts of the Muslim world today to fill this gap, but there’s a long way to go before we fulfill the needs of today’s upcoming generation. 

Visions for the Future

Our first works have focused on three separate series :

Meet the Luminaries – A set of 30-minute-read single story books that give a window into the lives of luminaries from Islamic civilization

Meet the Luminaries

A set of 30-minute-read single story books that give a window into the lives of luminaries from Islamic civilization

Classics Retold

A simplified illustrated set of works that present works from Classical Islamic literature in a simple manner to build a familiarity in children about the works, the authors and the message conveyed in the books.

Graphic Novels

2-3 hour reads from history split into multiple sections to narrate important segments of Islamic history in the form of graphic novels.

As we go forward, we aim to expand to various other themes and stories that convey messages of Islamic teachings through the stories and the positive characters depicted. We also intend to present the teachings of Islam to a wider community through these stories to help dispel negative stereotypes cultivated today by the media around us and impart a message of value-based peaceful co-existence in the multi-cultural societies we live in today.

How it all began …

It all began two years ago in the historic city of the Nizams. Destiny had brought a few of us professionals into this distant city, now one of  India’s largest IT hubs. Before we knew, our kids were growing up and needed religious education,  preferably in our own mother tongue. It wasn’t long before we managed to setup a small Qur’an school for the weekends. Arrangements were crude, we carpooled for transport. Carpooling gave us time together. Time together gave us reasons to share  our ideas. Ideas turned into project propositions. The car gang still had some talent gaps, so we pulled in a few more brains from our connections. And before long, Adab Kids was born.