The Last Will – A Graphic Novel

‘One by one, great cities began to succumb to the devastating Mongol invasion. Civilization was getting plunge into chaos and despair. End of the world loomed near. Then there was an intervention.

Faith was pitched against brute force.

Here is a tale of courage and perseverance in the face of oppression. A man following his father’s last will has changed the course of history forever.’

A tree cannot exist without roots; so does a people without knowledge of history.

We are all made by history and yet it is quite unfortunate that most of the today’s generation is either ignorant of the past or stuck with an idealized version of it. History is much more complex, diverse and dynamic with its many shares of glory, tragedy, and drama.To make this discipline engaging, relevant and life-changing for young readers, Adab Kids publication is bringing HISTORY GRAPHIC NOVEL series.

THE LAST WILL is the first book in this series. This graphic novel narrates the tale of Mongol invasion and its aftermath.

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