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It all began two years ago in the historic city of the Nizams. Destiny had brought a few of us professionals into this distant city, now one of India’s largest IT hubs. Before we knew, our kids were growing up and needed religious education, preferably in our own mother tongue. It wasn’t long before we managed to set up a small Qur’an school for the weekends. Arrangements were crude, we carpooled for transport. Carpooling gave us time together. Time together gave us reasons to share our ideas. Ideas turned into project propositions. The car gang still had some talent gaps, so we pulled in a few more brains from our connections. And before long, Adab Kids was born.

The Qur’an school, or madrassa as we call it back in our home state Kerala, had a significant role in pushing us into this endeavor. As parents of young children, we were aware that institutional impartation of teaching alone will not prepare our children for the non-stop negativity against the faith that they would face in the growing years of their lives. In this era of social media, fake news and selfishness, living a life with Islamic values would in itself be a struggle. To proclaim it with dignity, and confidence, required a lot more depth of understanding, and knowledge. Of our values, of our past, of our achievements, of our potential.

The world of entertainment we looked around for them had their own weaknesses. Hero after hero dawned upon their imagination, in superhuman endeavors, clearing up non-existent villainous creatures in unreal settings and impossible invincibility. Add mythological characters to the mix, and that almost completed the picture. What was missing in this was an ethics based ecosystem of entertainment for a new generation. Of stories of an honest past, of achievements of real honor, of lessons of a valuable endeavor. And of course, in vibrant colors, and beautiful print.

As is always the case, necessity presses you to come up with that solution. Two years isn’t a long time for an idea to take off. For a part-time effort juggled alongside our professional commitments, even less so. But looking back, when a reader from Indonesia appreciates our books, a mom in Jeddah blogs about us, and a bookstore in Canada places an order, we’ve come a long way from the carpooling days.

Our professional destinies have since split us up into distant corners of the world. But the idea that took shape in those short car trips has lived on and marched on. Six books and two series old, our journey has just begun. And here we are, on a new leg of this long winding journey, with a story that can inspire generations, as it did in the past. In the tales of the Mongols, said Allama Iqbal, are signs so deep, From the Hordes of the ignorant, were born defenders of the Ka’aba.

Friends and well-wishers, presenting to you, our first Historic novel series – The Last Will.

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Team Adab Kids
I Arfa from Singapore would like to be a reseller for your interesting products N.a. would like to bulk order
I like to order 10 each for first order of all your books if you can advice me on how much it will cost me and how it is going to work for bulk order… insha Allah we can talk about collaborations
I hope I am the first reseller here in Singapore…