Adab Kids – The Vision

Reading is a character-building endeavor. Reading helps to mold our ideas and perceptions. It chisels out unattractive portions of our thinking to reveal the granular details of a higher intellect.

There is no time so prime and impressionable than childhood. Most of us, given a little contemplation on our childhood days, would realize that ultimate truth – what we are today, to a great extent was the result of the exposures we had back then; and reading definitely has played an instrumental role.

Children these days are exposed to multitudes of stimuli, not all of which are productive or useful. Many of them are truly engrossing in a dangerous way – the time spent not being worth the end-results. Those that can have a more meaningful and deeper impact, sadly, are not alluring to the fertile minds of the children. This trend of being “unattractive” is more prominent in the domain of the religious context of Islam.

This is what we have REALIZED, IDENTIFIED and SET out TO CHANGE – MAKE ATTRACTIVE and AFFORDABLE QUALITY MATERIALS directed at the children of this impressionable age group.

Islam as a way of life has undoubtedly influenced the people world over ever since it’s inception. And thereby has produced a lot of interesting scholars and leaders. Sadly, many of those experiences, teachings, etc. are lost to the annals of history; some due to the lack of preservation. Others are lost due to the lack of consumption; this because, they are not reproduced in an interesting and appealing way for those craving minds.

This is what we have taken as our MOTTO and first step – REPRODUCE the life changing EXPERIENCES and TEACHINGS of those luminaries in an INTERESTING and APPEALING way.

Insha Allah, by interacting with the products from Adab Kids Publications, children should be able to benefit from the rich, pure and undistorted heritage of Islam.

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